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Was hört ihr grade?

Hej Mädels! Hier tauchen immer mal wieder Threads auf, in denen nach Musik gefragt wird. Warum nicht einfach immer mal aufschreiben, was man grad hört!?! Ich mach mal den Anfang!

Quadifa am 11.12.2008 in Lifestyle-Forum

Katie Holmes wurde bejubelt

Mittwochabend war die Schauspielerin Katie Holmes als Gastjurorin in der US-Show "So You Think You Can Dance" und im Publikum hatte sie zumindest einen Fan sicher: Töchterchen Suri Cruise.

12.08.2011 im Hollywood

Lady Gaga als Tanz-Jurorin

Was Lady Gaga anfasst, wird momentan zu Gold. Kein Wunder, dass sich die ganze Welt um die Sängerin reißt. Jetzt hat die Stilikone einen neuen Job – in der Jury von „So You Think You Can Dance".

05.07.2011 im Hollywood

should I forget about him?

Hi, I have know this man a few months ago, we live very far away, different country. He used to write alot to me, but lately it seem he has no times for it. We have meet each other one, and it was very great! he still text me and emails me but not offten, 1-2 x per week. but always remind me, that he always think of me and love me! do you think is there any future for us? and will come to visite this year. please give advise

confuse am 21.04.2009 in Liebe-Forum


Welches ist zur Zeit euer Lieblingslied? Meins ist meet me half way von den Black Eyed Peas

Rosenuschi am 03.01.2010 in Lifestyle-Forum

mein gedicht

ich hab ein gedicht geschrieben und wollte jetzt mal wisse wie ihr das so findet :) some times I wonder bout my feeling, other times I`m sure bout them. But the most time I think bout my feelings for you. Now I`m finish. I draw conclusions from that, that I like you like my own brother, even if you aren`t my real brother! You are my (best) friend and therapist I`ve only written it for you.

Moonchen am 07.03.2009 in Gedichte & Kurzgeschichten

Liebe oder Hass(manchmal ist es nah beieinander)

Hate you... more and more everyday love you more and more, I can`t take how you keep on cheating me but all I do is close my eyes and try to breathe, yeah , I don`t wanna see , what you think about me... Your love is a lie... Just born to die... but you won`t see me cry.... (vom 2.12.2007)

badgirl2501 am 31.10.2008 in Gedichte & Kurzgeschichten

Why aren`t you thinkig of me?! nochma was von mir^^

It feels so wrong I see you`re standing there with a smile on your face But i know: You won`t smile for me. Now i am thinking of you while walking along the streets alone but I know: You won`t think of me. Refrain: Why aren`t you thinking of me? Why don`t you care about it? but I`m thinking of you. I tried to hide it from you. Just nor able to ignore what I feel You act like nothing happened ,nothing hurts me. I won`t show you that I dry inside. Refrain Raindrops sparkle on my skin and remind me of the sparkle in your eyes but they don`t sparkle for me Refrain I know you trust in me but not the same I trust in you you tell me storie and I can`t listen `cause I know that you`re not Thinking of me Refrain ...but I`m thinking of you shall know I do ...I`m thinking of you

Julle am 29.07.2009 in Gedichte & Kurzgeschichten

Eure Meinung zu diesem Text. ;)... würde mich über viele kommentare freuen

How could I ever think I couldn’t live without you It seems like it would be so much difficult without your love I thought the pain would never go away I didn’t believe I could forget you You and all the time we spend You and you mistakes You had so much But I never realise that I thought it all was my fault All my mistakes But my only mistake were you However, people make mistakes Yes, my mistake was serious Well, so what?! Now you’re past I leave you behind My mistake, I washed it away Live goes on and I didn’t say it would be easy But easier How could I ever wish to live with you Now you’re alone Alone with your mistakes

keeeks am 20.02.2009 in Gedichte & Kurzgeschichten