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Host family letter

Es wäre sehr nett, wenn sich jemand mal meinen Brief durchlesen könnte und mir sagen könnte, ob das so geht

Dear Host Family,

I am already very excited about getting to know you, but firstly I want to introduce myself to you a bit, to make your decision easier.
My name is XXX and I am XXX years old. I live in XXX , it is a little village in the west of Germany and has a population of about 7 thousand people.
I live on a small farm together with my parents XXX and XXX , my 15-year-old sister XXX , my 19-year-old brother XXX and my grandparents XXX and XXX.
We have a few pigs, three cats and two rabbits. My family is very important to me, we have a very close relationship and we can talk about everything. Of course I will miss them during my stay in Australia, but I am very excited about making new experiences in a foreign country and about getting to know your family.
I would describe myself as a reliable, ambitious, helpful, caring and humorous person. Further I am very adventurous and open-minded, so I like to travel to foreign countries to get an impression of the culture and the people there. I have already been in France, Italy, Czech Republic, Portugal and Spain. I took part in an exchange with a Spanish city called Bueu and it was very interesting for me to get to know the normal life of a Spanish family because it is so different from my own. I got along with my host family very well and we still stay in contact and write letters for Christmas. I especially want to go to Australia because I have never been outside of Europe and ever since we have learned something about the aborigines in English class I was interested in the country. The countryside is fascinating and breathtaking and a lot of people, who have visited Australia before, told me that they wanted to stay there forever because of the “easygoing”- way of life. So I think that Australia is the perfect place for my biggest adventure yet.
I go to school in a nearby town and I will get my A-levels in July. One of my advanced classes in school is English and it has always been my favourite subject, so I am sure that I will not have problems with the language. All in all I am a good student, that is why I want to do a dual course of study in the taxation office or a course of studies called “Bachelor of Arts – International Management” after I get back from Australia.
I have passed my driver’s license in December 2014 and I drive almost every day without any accidents or tickets since then.
In my free time I like to read books, especially fiction and love stories like “The fault in our stars” from John Green. I also like to spend time with my friends and go to the cinema, to a café or just watch a few films at home. My hobby is trampolining, I have practice three times a week and I like running on the treadmill at home.
Now I would like to tell you something about my experience with children.
Since I was 14 years old, I am a trampolining coach and train two different age groups. There is a “kindergarten group” with children of the age of three to five and another group with children since the age of six. I have gained a lot of patience because of it and learned how to care for many children at the same time. My tasks are teaching them certain routines, entertaining them, smoothing down differences, comforting them when they have hurt themselves or when they miss their parents and just playing with them so they can be active and have fun.
Furthermore I babysat in two different families. I watched 2-year-old twin boys called XXX and they were very active and hyper. That is why I often went for long walks with them or played in the garden. Sometimes I had to babysit in the morning, then I woke them up, dressed them and made them breakfast.
I also watched a 4-year-old girl called XXX. We often played board games together, took care of her dolls, jumped on the trampoline or played hide-and-seek. She also loved bicycling with me and we went to playgrounds, bought ice cream and went to my house and played with my old toys and our animals. I also babysat her a lot at night, put her to bed and told her bedtime stories.
Additionally I am a tutor for a 13-year-old girl called XXX. We do her homework together and practise the subject matters in Latin, Maths and English. I am very happy and proud that she was able to improve her grades a lot.
I just love seeing children smile and their shining eyes and I am fascinated by their happiness and their imagination. That is why I enjoy taking care of children and I think that I am well-prepared for the job as an Au Pair.
All in all, I would like to thank you very much for taking your time to get to know me better. I am looking forward to being an Au Pair and also a member of your family and to spend a great and unforgettable time.



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