Ein schneller Stadtführer zu meinen Lieblingsplätzen in Berlin

am 23.01.2013 um 13:08 Uhr

Jenny, unsere schwedische Redakteurin und Blogger-Expertin ist derzeit mal nicht in New York oder Paris unterwegs, sondern hat in Berlin Halt gemacht. Für hat sie ihre Lieblingsplätze in der deutschen Hauptstadt zusammengestellt und einen Tag lang ihre absoluten Hot Spots für Sie dokumentiert.

Lately, I have been spending quite a lot of time in Berlin. The city is endless; it has so much to offer. Whether you would choose to discover the city through the hedonistic nightlife, café culture, art scene, shops, parks, street markets, or historical landmarks, or simply by wandering the endlessly changing streets – it’s nearly impossible not to be impressed, enchanted, and beguiled by Berlin’s enduring spirit.

This city has a special place in my heart and I always try to visit as often as I can. Here, I’m sharing some of my favorite spots and how I would spend a day in the city of endless opportunities.

Hotel Mani on Torstraße

I wake up at Hotel Mani on Torstraße. I like this place because of its location, in the center of Mitte. You have everything you need within a few steps. If you wake up jetlagged 3.30 in the morning, you can step outside and find everything you would need in that moment.

Barcomis on Sophienstraße

I start my day with breakfast at Barcomis on Sophienstraße. This place has the best NYC cheesecake ever. I always have it here, unless I crave a cinnamon bun with butter, either way it’s delicious.

Hamburger Bahnhof

I continue to Hamburger Bahnhof to check out their latest exhibition. This 19th century railway station was converted into a museum for contemporary art in 1996. It’s worth a visit not only for the art, but also the architecture. When I’m in a city, I always try to walk wherever I am going, by this I get to know the city and there are always interesting things along the way. From the central Mitte district’s artful boho chic to the multicultural melange of Neukölln, from Charlottenburg’s grand leafy boulevards in the West to the crumbling bombast of former communist avenues in Prenzlauer Berg. There is always something to see.

The Corner, Französische Straße

After Hamburger Bahnhof, I feel like shopping, I take a walk over to Gendarmenmarkt. Located on the corner of Französische Straße and Charlottenstraße is one of my favorite stores, The Corner, always worth a visit while in town. They have a great selection of clothing but also books, scented candles and perfumes. Chloe, Balenciaga, Rick Owens – you will find it all here. Talking about perfumes, a recently discovered place is Frau Tonis, a Berlin based perfumerie. This is heaven for a perfume lover as me. In simple glass bottles, no fuzz, the scents speak for themselves.

Oukan 71, Kronenstraße

It’s getting time for lunch, I decide to combine my lunch with some more shopping and continue to Oukan 71, a mini department store on Kronenstraße with a nice selection of international avant-garde design and a restaurant on the second floor. It’s a great spot for both shopping and eating. Some fresh Vietnamese spring rolls, dumplings and a soup give me new energy and I can continue my shopping spree back to Mitte and Mulackstraße.

Das Neue Schwarz, Mulackstraße

As you probably know, Berlin is famous for its vintage stores and there are plenty of them. I always make a stop at Das Neue Schwarz to see what they have in stock; you will find a good selection of nice vintage pieces from high-end designers like Prada and Balenciaga mixed with more contemporary fashion. The owner David is from NYC and we always have stories to exchange.

Lala Berlin, Mulackstraße

I continue my stroll on Mulackstraße, there is Lala Berlin, I love their scarves, printed cashmere scarves in all different colours. I pass APC and Adidas SLVR and head for the newest one on the street, Orimono. This store started in Sweden, but just opened their first physical location in Berlin and they carry many of my favorite designers.

Cocolo, Gipsstraße

I decide to meet some friends over a ramen soup. We head to Cocolo on Gipsstraße for some authentic Japanese ramen. I can’t describe how much I like this place. Super relaxed and all focus on the food, homemade noodles in broth that has been cooking for hours. We eat our soups and decide we want to continue our night. We move to the place next door, Altes Europa. I like this place because of its wide range of wines and its chilled atmosphere. After a glass of wine, we decide to move on to Bar Drei. Another favorite late night stop of mine. The last stop of the night is Kingsize on Friedrichstraße. If you can get through Frank, the doorman, you are lucky and won’t leave this place for many hours. It’s small, it’s hot and it’s loud, but it’s fun and it’s my favorite bar in Berlin! Goodnight.