James Franco

James Franco in Berlin | Autobiographical exhibition “Gay Town”

am 13.02.2013 um 17:06 Uhr

Unsere Redakteurin und Blogger-Expertin Jenny Halonen aus Schweden berichtet nicht nur von traumhaften Reisezielen oder Großstadt-HotSpots. Sie ist auch auf den internationalen Fashion Shows unterwegs. Vor Kurzem hat die Kunstliebhaberin wieder einmal Halt gemacht in der deutschen Hauptstadt und sich die neue Ausstellung von Schauspieler James Franco angeschaut, der im Rahmen der 63. Berlinale gerade drei neue Filme vorstellte.

James Franco is in town. Saturday night, I went to the opening of his latest exhibition “Gay Town”. It is his second solo exhibition in Berlin together with Berlin Gallery Peres Project. The opening was packed and James himself was there during the whole time.

Exploring James Franco

The exhibition is a variety of media that explores James’ artistic practice; adolescence, public and private persona, stereotypes, and celebrity. James has been working on the pieces for the last two years in temporary locations as hotel rooms while working on other projects. Together with gallerist Javier Peres, they came up with the idea of making an exhibition more as a self portrait of James, a collage of what he has and is experiencing, and put it together as a show.

Autobiographical exhibition

James has played with all kind of media including painting, drawing, film, video, sculpture, and photography. The result is an exhibition that is very much autobiographical. Printed blankets painted over and spiderman paintings, naïve and narrative figures on canvas, a playful and ironical view of James Franco’s status as a celebrity, which he does not fight against. Instead he sees his status more as a source of material for his creative work.

Here is my photo show from James Franco’s exhibition “Gay Town”. The show is on view until March 9th at Berlin gallery Peres Project’s temporary location on Karl-Marx-Allee 82 in Berlin. If you happen to be in town, you should stop by and see it.


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